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Why choose Clenz-it?
At Clenz-It we have over 12 years experience. We take great pride in our work and always treat other people's cars as if they were our own. We have an excellent customer service and all of our valeters are polite and punctual as well as being extremely professional.
Where is Clenz-it based?
We are based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.
Are quotations free?
Yes, all quotations are free.
How do I choose the right service?
There are several services you can choose from. The best way to decide is to look at the condition of your car. If there are visible marks on the seats and carpet or there has been a spillage in the car then the interior will need shampooing. If the paint work feels rough or looks slightly dull then an electric buffer will be needed. A car must be washed & hand waxed on a regular basis to keep the car in showroom condition.
How often should I have my vehicle valeted?
If you have just bought a brand new car, we recommend that you have your car valeted on a regular basis to keep it in showroom condition. For example, have your car washed & vacuumed and the window's polished every week or fortnightly and then have a part valet on the fourth week. When a car is vacuumed regularly the interior doesn't get dirt ground in so quickly so we recommend that you have the interior shampooed every 3 months. This applies for cars with cloth & leather interiors. For cars that haven't been valeted for a long time you should start off with the full valet and then make sure that the car is washed & vacuumed on a regular basis. When a valeter arrives at your destination he will advise you what is best for you & your car.
Can you remove scratches from the paint work?
Yes, we can take out scratches out of the paint work with the use of an electric buffer or by hand depending how deep or severe the scratch is. If the scratch is too deep to polish out we can touch it up with some paint. (Paint not supplied)
Are your vans equipped with their own water & electricity?
All our vans are fully equipped with water & electricity so valeting your car at work or home is made very easy for you. All you have to do is open the car.
Can I have my vehicle valeted anywhere?
Yes, you can have you car valeted at home or work, in fact, anywhere you wish - within reason!
Do you use a machine to valet the interior?
We do use a high tech machine to valet the interior to a superior standard. Dirt often gets deep into the carpet and seats or if there is a spillage the only way to remove it is with a machine. All the dirty water gets sucked out so that the interior looks & smells clean & fresh. Other valeting companies do not always use a machine.
Can I have my car valeted on a regular basis?
Yes by all means. A regular booking will be made at a mutually convenient time. Make your booking by calling 01283 763363 or 07788 596055.
How long will my seats take to dry?
In the summer the seats do not take that long at all to dry - only about 2 hours and plastic seat covers are provided so the car is still driveable immediately if you wish.
Does Clenz-It offer any discounts?
Yes, we do offer a variety of discounts for private/trade/fleet. Please contact us to discuss you requirments.
What chemicals do you use?
At Clenz-It we use the finest waxes and polishes from Nielsons and Auto Glym that give a longer lasting protection and shine for your car.

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